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Top 10: Surfing Beaches

Many of  people go to the beach to take a dip,  relax and just bask in the sun to get some tan, but for the real beach goers they are the ones who engages in a much fun and more energetic agenda and that is surfing. If you are one of the growing population of men or women who is an adventurous sports minded person who loves to hang ten , you will be much interested in the list below that I prepared for you. It is outlined  in rankings for the world's best surfing beaches, the criteria is based purely with the quality and the frequency of the waves, state of the weather and the accessibility of the place.


Fuerteventura – The Mecca of Surfers

Fuerteventura is the second biggest island in the Canary Islands. It is highly appreciated by surfers worldwide who come here to enjoy an exquisite surfing experience. They usually come in the autumn / winter season, although some of them, looking for warm waters and for an easy to reach destination, also come in the spring / summer season.

Fuerteventra is appreciated by all surfers, regardless their level of experience. Those totally inexperienced can take surf lessons in one of the renowned surf schools here. Surfers usually head towards Rocky Point, El Hierro, Generosa, Harbor Wall, Mejillonas, Esquizo, Suicides, the Bubble, Shooting Gallery or Majanido.

On the north and northwest coast there are many "unridden" spots, this being one of the main reasons for the huge popularity of Fuerteventura.

The powerful waves, the excellent reefs and the fact that it is not very crowded make out of Fuerteventura a place with one of the best surf beaches in the world. Compared with other famous surf beaches, a holiday here is also less expensive and this makes the location more accessible. However, the simple fact that it is a European destination makes it easier to reach.